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A holistic design approach that will encourage continued success in the homeless of NYC.

Senior Capstone - Applied Research to Interior Design

Savannah College of Art & Design

Summer 2019 - Spring 2020

Location; 23 W 20th Street. New York, NY

​Research indicates that homelessness is a revolving-door crisis in the United States, suggesting that innovative interior design methods have the opportunity to alleviate this national crisis. In the past three years, New York City alone has seen a 64% increase in homelessness across diverse demographics. This country has an obvious need for emergency housing and Homeless Shelters are only a temporary solution.

This Capstone project synthesizes the need for supportive housing solutions in New York City and other urban areas as a modular prototype that may retro-fit to existing structures. 

The core of the research applied in the design stems from the “housing first model,” which suggests that a person’s past does not dictate their future success. Once an individual receives suitable housing this provides the foundation for future success. 

An evolution of research to applied design results in a completed project which demonstrates a model for a supportive housing facility. Located in New York City, within a previously-occupied parking structure, this building severs a new purpose to provide a sense of belonging to displaced individuals with sustainability and wellbeing as key design drivers. The holistic approach to design will encourage continued success with treatment and progress towards managing multiple needs.

Awards & Recognition

IDA International Design Awards

Silver in Interior Design / Mix Use Building : Residential & Commercial > Click here for more

Joel Polsky Prize 2020 | American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) > Click here for more

Sustainable Achievement Award | SCAD & US Green Building Council

Reflected ceiling | Floor Plan

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Design development

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Research & Process Work

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Physical Housing Model

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