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Draw Edinburgh to Help Edinburgh

In light of the global pandemic that faces our world, we have all suffered hardships and it has only increased the international homeless crisis. Edinburgh's homeless makes up 11% of homeless households in Scotland, second to Glasgow... 51,365 people, including adults and children were reported homeless in a 2019/20 study. Growing up in New York, the homeless crisis has been one that frustrates me for the lack of permanent solutions and magnitude which it effects a community. I believe that shelter and safety is a human right. I also believe that creativity has the power to heal. Since moving the Edinburgh I have seen the homeless population struggle through brutal winter conditions and a global pandemic. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that have allowed me to study in this beautiful city, it is time for me to pay it forward. I thank Edinburgh for becoming my home during a tough time by documenting the beauty and sharing it with the world with hopes to make even the smallest impression to impact a life with potential to flourish. 

I will be donating 50% of proceeds to, an organization located in Edinburgh that provides people in difficult circumstances the expert, compassionate and flexible support to link people into the services they need.


£1 pays for a warm drink a in safe place off the street - £5 pays for someone to have a hot shower and access to our laundry. - £10 helps someone to become more employable – to find a route off the street. - £30 pays for a sleeping bag when all options for the night are exhausted. - £50 per month helps our outreach team reach and speak to vulnerable people on the street. - £150 provides ongoing support to someone in a situation of crisis, including access to health services  - via


Order Options & Pricing

A4 Print

A4 Print

Sustainably printed on 100% recycled and uncoated stock paper made from de-inked  post-consumer waste.



A6 Print

Sustainably printed on 100% recycled and uncoated stock paper made from de-inked  post-consumer waste.


Custom original

Custom Original Piece

Pick your place & I will paint it - aprox. 4 x 8 watercolor (can request size)


Digital Download

Digital Download

Print it yourself. I will email you a high resolution copy.