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Located in Apt, France

Living and working abroad in Provence, France

Maison du Parc serves the Luberon Region as an educational and research facility for eco-tourism of the local environment, culture and history.

The main goals for the Maison du Parc project was to improved accessibility and aesthetic without compromising the educational experience and with sustainability/local resources as a driving design factor.

Custom features include an ochre wall with raised images of flora and fauna for visitors to create texture rubbings (detail pictured to the left). Ochre is indigenous to the Luberon. A security panel may also be integrated during events (detail pictured to the right).

Our team developed custom millwork for maximized organization in the boutique as well as systematic icons that categorize the books in a universally understood language, visual.

Tasked with the goal to make a more welcoming reception experience that is comfortable for the staff as well as the guests, we developed a warm mood that is a nod to the building's original use as a residence. A custom desk demonstrates the concept "layering communities" by displaying 77 layers of soil collected from each municipality in the Luberon.

A Gallery on the second level may act as a security barrier to the conference rooms as well as a gathering space between meetings.

Proposed Floor Plan


Maison du Parc Facade

Location; Apt, France

The Maison du Parc is located in the town center of Apt, France. The building is mostly surrounded by residences with a public square located in front of the west facade. One street to the north is the Rue des Marchands. This street houses the largest weekly market in the Luberon. The Apt market happens every Saturday and has existed for close to 900 years.

concept; Layering Communities

The first proposal to the client was an in-progress critique reflecting each team's initial concept and design ideas.

Concept Team; Madison Sacramone, Mattie Overmyer, Emily Leppig, Brianna Scafidi, Marah Grossman and Mack Goss.

Proposed Rehabilitation of the Facade

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